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Our specialties are the selection of coffees from the best of our farm and its natural and traditional roasting, the most optimal to maintain the aromas and flavors of each of the coffee origins with which we work.

Our extensive knowledge of coffee has allowed us to develop our own most suitable blends with which we can guarantee an excellent result with which to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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We work for a better future for our country

At Exquisite Coffee we work to generate shared value to all our stakeholders, to mitigate climate change and promote the circular economy.

Exquisite Coffee

Excellent service

We have for sale coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules compatible with nespresso, capsules with the granell system, tea and infusions, cups accessories, take away glasses and barista accessories.

Buying quality coffee is not easy, for this reason in Exquisite Coffee we have created the online store so you can buy coffee online of the best varieties that exist. 

About Us

Our passion for good food has pushed us to give the utmost importance to one of the most desired gastronomic experiences, good coffee.

Therefore, in our online store you can taste the most select coffees in the world, carefully chosen to offer a coffee that is a strong,
flavorful and aromayy.
Exquisite Coffee

What can you buy at Exquisite Coffee?

In Exquisite Coffee we see life under a positive prism, trying every day to turn our obligation into small pleasures for
our customers, thanks to the best selection of our coffees.

Our philosophy is based on balance and enjoyment through a healthy diet with healthy infusions and

anti-oxidant coffees. We want to share this philosophy with all our customers. Go ahead and try the coffees and infusions
 we have selected for you and check all their properties.

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Freshly brewed coffees

Best espresso

Exquisite Coffee

Our original formula, its composition, and ideal packaging, keeps our coffee always fresh for our customers to taste the best coffee, either in our establishments or at home.


As Exquisite Coffee we care to have the best quality and to offer the best coffee has managed to keep its essence generation after generation, being today our main pillars the constant quality and innovation.

We can say that the quality of our coffees is our main value and our history our best guarantee.


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